Divorce and family law services

Divorce and Family Law Services


Navigating through different areas of family law can be one of the most stressful, demanding, and emotionally taxing issues that you can face in your life, especially if it's the first time you've had experience with the legal system. 

As one of the most experienced family law firms in Jersey, we understand the emotional stress that can be caused by going through the legal system. Because of this, we strive to offer uncomplicated, effective, and sensitive legal advice to help support you during a difficult time.

Divorce, civil partnership dissolution and separation

The decision to separate, divorce, or dissolve your civil partnership is something that should be carefully considered. Our divorce lawyers understand that your decisions are going to be influenced by difficult emotions and we understand that you need as little extra stress as possible. That's why we are dedicated to working swiftly and efficiently, taking as much of the worry off your shoulders as we can.

Our divorce lawyers can help advise you on all aspects of divorce, civil partnership dissolution and separation, ensuring you receive a fair settlement.

Financial and Property

Dividing assets isn't an easy process. Finding an acceptable compromise can be difficult, emotionally taxing, and cause serious negative financial implications for the future. Our divorce lawyers can help advise you on a fair division of property, assets, and finances.

Custody and children

As one of the most stressful and emotionally taxing areas of separation, agreements on custody and care of children are difficult to negotiate at the best of times. We aim to give you the best legal advice in an uncomplicated and understanding manner.

Family law clinic

We offer a 20-minute consultation when you are going through a separation or divorce to help you understand your needs and requirements before starting any legal action. It's important to talk to us at this meeting as it allows us to prepare for any court action and could help you lower costs in the long run.

Domestic violence

Going through an abusive relationship can impact all aspects of your life, as well as other members of your family, and finding a route out can be extremely difficult.

Our experienced lawyers will do all they can to advise you on how to legally break away from an abusive relationship, and how to stay secure for the future.


In Jersey, you cannot use a Power of Attorney if the person who granted it has lost their mental capacities. The only way you can take charge of your elderly relative's affairs is if a member of your family has been incapacitated due to dementia, Alzheimer's or any other condition affecting mental capacity.

In this case, you may need to formally appoint a Curator. Our specialist lawyers can help ensure you get the best advice on how to do this. We can also offer experienced curators to take on the role if you consider it is too much for you.

Whatever level of support you need, we will make sure that the situation is dealt with fairly and lawfully


In Jersey, a tutelle is required if a child is due to receive assets worth £5000 or more.
Our personal law lawyers can advise you on all aspects of tutelle law, and will ensure that you choose the right way to protect your child's interests.




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